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Schweigman& en Calefax - Val
up to € 8,- CJP-discount
A musical ode to falling

In today's society we want progress; onward and upward, faster, more. But surely falling is part of life? What would be left of our creativity if no one ever dared to leap into the dark? Val is a musical ode to falling, in which we look our fears in the eye. For 16 years, Schweigman& has struck a universal, human chord with audiences. Val brings the company's poetical genre to the big stage, accompanied by Calefax and with music by Yannis Kyriakides. Like the players, the musicians also explore the extremes; scaling the highest heights and dropping to the deepest lows.

Val will be performed in many theatres throughout the country. You can find a list of theatres below.

Chassé Breda: € 10,00 with CJP
Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam: € 5,00 discount with CJP
Rotterdamse Schouwburg: € 10,00 with CJP
Spiegel Zwolle: € 22,00 with CJP
Musis & Stadstheater Arnhem: € 5,- discount with CJP

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