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Reflecting Forward

MOCO: Reflecting Forward
Up to € 6,50 CJP-discount
Blinding lights

2020 is the year of women! And that must be celebrated, says the MOCO Museum. Studio Irma is one of the first female artists to be seen this year with an exhibition.

In the exhibition Reflecting Forward, Studio Irma, a Dutch contemporary artist, shows a new way of life. Instead of reflecting on things that have already been, she reflects on the future. The exhibition emphasizes how internet technologies such as web browsers, search engines and social media contribute to a new way of life. The purpose of Reflecting Forward? To connect people in a world without borders and get them out of their personal bubble. From diamond infinity rooms to brightly colored lights, dance and music: everything comes together here.

With your CJP card you get a € 5,50 discount. Which means you only pay € 13,- for an entrance ticket.

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