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Museum Het Schip: Amsterdamse School architecture

Amsterdamse School architectuur
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Paris, Pisa, Dubai? Discover the tower of Amsterdam

A group of young architects changed the face of Amsterdam a hundred years ago. The Ship is the most famous example and in the museum you can see how workers lived in poverty one hundred and twenty years ago and what these architects built for them. The Ship is a true workers' palace with its own post office and a world famous tower! The beautiful architecture of the Amsterdam School can be found all over the city - but before you visited the museum you didn't even know it. Maybe you're already in an Amsterdam School building at school or at the gym, library or café...

  • With CJP you receive a 50% discount and only pay € 7.50. In addition to access to the collection, you will also be given a tour of the building by a guide.
  • It is mandatory to buy a ticket online in advance and to reserve a time slot of your choice. Reservations can be made via the blue button below.
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