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CJP: IDFA in one night

CJP: IDFA in één avond
€ 5,50 with CJP

Sometimes you watch a film and think: "Right...I really don't believe this". At IDFA you get that feeling sometimes, but then it turns out that it all really happened. That's the great thing about thhis epic documentary festival: reality is always just a bit stranger than you can imagine.

During IDFA in one night we will watch two highlights of IDFA together: White Noise, which gives you a glimpse into the extreme right-wing world of alt-right activists, anti-feminists and influencers, and Jano & Shiro, a Brother’s Journey, an experimentally filmed account of the far-reaching consequences of Dutch asylum policy for Jano and Shiro, two brothers who fled from Syria. After the films there will be live Q&As where you can ask all your questions to the fimmakers through the chat box. The program:

  • 20:00 Welcome & Introduction by CJP host Rick van Veluw
  • 20:05 Jano & Shiro, a Brother’s Journey
  • 20:40 Online Q&A with the makers led by Rick. Listen in and please feel free to send in all your questions via the chat box. 
  • 20:55 White Noise
  • 22:30 Online Q&A with the makers led by Rick. Questions? You know the drill. 
  • 22:50 The end 

CJP members pay € 5,50 for a ticket, non-members pay € 7,-. Click on the blue button to get your tickets.

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