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About CJP

About CJP

Want to know what CJP is all about? You’ve come to the right spot!

What you need to know about CJP

You don’t need to speak any Dutch to get discount on museums, festivals, fashion and a lot more with the CJP-card. Explore the Netherland and experience the finest cultural events & hotspots at a bargain, but also save serious cash on for example sneakers, laptops and other technology.

Our discounts include:
  • Rijksmuseum – 50% off
  • Anne Frank House – 50% off
  • Cinemas (don’t worry: they’re in English here) – Up to € 4,50 off
  • Concerts – Up to 20% off
  • NN North Sea Jazz Festival - € 10,- off
  • Sneakers – 10% off

Check out all our discounts right here

Want to know more about the CJP-card or want to order one straight away: check this out!

Bonus discounts: EYCA

The CJP-card is part of EYCA (European Youth Card Association): a non-profit organization that represents 41 youth card organizations in 38 countries issuing the European Youth Card.

For you, as a CJP-cardholder, this means that you can benefit from discounts in all these countries. Hundreds of them, at local restaurants, cinemas, shops and cultural hotspots all across Europe.

Check out to find the discounts available.
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