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About CJP

About CJP

Right here you can find more information about CJP. Who are we, what do we do and why do you need us?

About CJP

You don’t need to speak any Dutch to enjoy the great offers and the best cultural discounts of CJP. Submerge yourself in all the museums of Amsterdam, like the Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum or Foam, while paying up to 50% less. CJP also provides discounts when you visit international film festivals like IDFA and IFFR, buy books at the American Book Center, check out a concert at Melkweg and Paradiso, go see a movie or enjoy yourself at festivals like WOO HAH!, North Sea Jazz and Zwarte Cross. Just to name a few, because there are so many discounts when you use a CJP-card! By the way, it also provides discount on travel, insurance and shopping. That way you can have fun, take care of yourself ánd buy some fun stuff for the folks at home, without going broke.


The CJP-card is part of EYCA (European Youth Card Association): a non-profit organization that represents 41 youth card organizations in 38 countries issuing the European Youth Card.

Because of EYCA, CJP-cardholders can benefit from hundreds of (student)discounts at local restaurants, cinemas and shops as they travel around Europe. In return, EYCA-cardholders benefit from the discounts in The Netherlands.

Check out www.eyca.org to find the discounts available.
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